Big (or small) data

Just by referring to your customers by their first name is no longer enough. There are so many other ways in which personalisation, and the technology you use to deliver your marketing messages, can work for you to make people feel valued and engaged.

Research has shown that people experience a greater emotional connection when they receive physical material than virtual (read our blog post on why print still packs a punch), so integrating digital and physical touchpoints across a campaign to suit the consumer can really engage the senses.

But none of this is possible without data.


While there’s no doubting the power of personalisation, with 94% of companies agreeing that personalisation ‘is critical to current and future success’, it’s important to harness the power of personalisation where it’s relevant and at the right time – and in keeping with the context of your relationship with your customer.

Done wrong, it can seem a bit creepy! But without the data, it’s impossible to know what’s right, or to build your personalised campaign.

But data doesn’t have to be scary. We promise. It doesn’t even have to be “Big”. It can be simple and easy to use. Our control room team can work with you and your existing partners to make your data work for you. To find out how, call us on 0114 272 8888, or email us.