Direct Mail

What we don’t know about direct marketing isn’t worth knowing. Our direct marketing solutions span all media, both on and offline but our hearts remain firmly in print.

Our direct mail experts understand the complexities and importance of data management, targeted segmentation, personalisation, production efficiency and response handling.

Our data hygiene process results in highly accurate and cost-effective data processing, enhancement and management, ensuring maximum responsiveness to your direct mail activity.

We can match, cleanse, cross reference and reformat your data or provide a flexible, accurate deduplication service that includes the ability to perform hierarchical deduplication, merge and purge at various levels to protect your brand and eliminate wastage costs.

Our three volume enclosing machines work day and night to ensure our direct mail work is inserted, sealed and caged ready to be collected. Camera matching technology ensures the accuracy and integrity of high volume personalised material throughout the production process.

We produce and mail around 17 million pieces of direct mail each year on behalf of our customers.

However complex and integrated you think your direct marketing requirements are, we have a department of specialists who are dedicated to implementation and delivery that will make it seem effortless.

To see how we can make direct mail work for you, call us on 0114 272 8888 or email us.