True love is just around the corner…

We’re an optimistic lot here at ProCo.

We’re optimistic about our people, our customers, and our future. It’s exciting to think about what’s around the next corner. We like to get involved in solving challenges of all sizes for our customers. Small niggles through to BIG business challenges, and then we dedicate our lives to sorting them out and delivering results.

Sometimes the big projects we get involved in mean we have to be brave. They mean we have to invest in new technologies, new people and new ways of working. In short, we have to reinvent ourselves, and the road to reinvention, like true love, rarely runs smooth.

This constant innovation means the risk of the occasional bad decision or ball dropped…so you may ask why bother? (We certainly ask ourselves occasionally!) Well there are two reasons. Number one, resting on our laurels just isn’t our style, and number two, it’s all about you, our customers.

So when you see that ProCo has invested in a new HP Indigo 10000 B2 digital press, in a new Management Information system, and in new people, you should feel a nice warm glow because it’s all done with you in mind. Before we make any decision on investment or a change to the business, the question which is always asked is ‘What’s the benefit for our customers ?’…and if there isn’t one, we don’t bother. It’s as simple as that.

As for the occasional bad decision I mentioned, even though we don’t like them (who does!) mistakes are a sign that we are trying something new, and the only thing worse than making a mistake is not trying…because not trying is not caring…and that’s just not us!

Matt Johnson – Client Services Director – 1st July 2015