A thortful gift for the Royal Wedding

In celebration of Harry and Meghan’s big day, thortful created 4 exclusive cards to commemorate the royal wedding. The designs depicting the happy couple on their special day against a backdrop of Windsor castle contain the words ‘I was there’ making them a lasting souvenir for any well-wishers in Windsor on that special day.

But these cards were more than just another souvenir. Two of thortful’s best loved creatives, Eskimo Kiss and Abbie Imagine donated their talents free of charge to design the cards to be sold in support of the Windsor Homeless Project.

The idea to collaborate with the charity came from thortful CEO Andy Pearce, a Windsor resident, who was concerned by the comments made by a local Windsor councillor back in January who ‘demanded police use legal powers to clear the area of homeless people before the royal wedding in May’.

Pearce comments:

‘I really wanted to help, but instead of just giving money to the project, which we’re doing too, I wanted to empower homeless people on the streets of Windsor to make a bit of money for themselves: I wanted to give them a bit of dignity back after the hurtful comments.’

And so, the idea was born. Two of the original designs were exclusively available on the streets of Windsor, sold by clients of the Windsor Homeless Project during the wedding weekend. They retailed at £5 and the sellers could keep whatever they made by selling the cards.

Murphy James of the Windsor Homeless Project commented:

‘So delighted to be working with thortful on this. The fact that our clients will be adding to the carnival atmosphere and interacting with visitors to our wonderful town rather than appearing ‘in a sadly unfavourable light’ is just brilliant and really in-keeping with our community ethos.’

Amended versions of the designs were also available on the thortful website, retailing at £3.29, with 100% of profits donated directly to the Windsor Homeless Project. ProCo, thortful’s production arm, printed 1000 cards to donate to the project.


thortful Windsor Homeless_Project_Cards

About Windsor Homeless Project


In 2009, a homeless man was found on a bench in the town, having died in the night. This prompted a collective of people to say “this can’t happen again” and so ‘The Windsor Homeless Project’ was born.

As well as offering food, washing facilities and laundry, WHP also helps to guide their guests through some of the more challenging aspects of their journey which can include, treatment services, mental health appointments, housing & employment struggles to name a few, regardless of colour, creed, religion, sexuality or any other social standing. The Windsor Homeless project stands for Community and all it has to offer.


About thortful


thortful is a creative platform supporting a community of artists, illustrators and photographers who create & sell unique, beautiful greeting cards, most of which you won’t find on the high street. We pay our creators a flat fee of 40p per card sold, more than anyone else in this industry. Creators don’t incur any printing or production costs as we do all that for them. 

This is the first time a greeting card platform has been developed app-first, allowing you to have 1000’s of cards ready to go in your pocket. The app allows you to store key dates, schedule card deliveries and for the first time actually upload your handwriting to the app to print on to your card.



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