The name’s Mail. Direct Mail.

This week we saw the launch of the new James Bond movie and I can’t help but see the similarities with 007 and Direct Mail!

Both Bond and DM have been around for a long time. Just look at Roger Moore and you’ll know what I mean.

Over the years, both Bond and DM have had to remain relevant, continually evolving to reflect what their audiences expected. I think we are up to six Bonds at this point?

Daniel Craig, the latest Bond, has been hailed as one of the edgiest, technically-savvy Bonds that ever appeared on the screen. Like DM, he still has tradition and history, but has been reinvented to get cut through in the Digital Age.

There is also an argument to say that, right now, while we are all surrounded by digital information, that a more gritty and real Bond is seen as the best method of standing out than previous incarnations…just like DM.

No amount of new technologies can replace something that you can see and touch such as Mr Bond himself…just ask Miss Moneypenny!


The fact is, DM and Bond have a lot in common. DM may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the words ‘Shaken, not Stirred’ but unlike email marketing you can send a sample of Martini, shaken by the postal system, and stirring emotions in the recipient.

Just like Bond, DM has taken advantage of all the technology available, continually evolving to be relevant to today, defying the odds and getting better results year after year.


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