We love our clients, and we don’t mind showing it. We call it Workships.

Our unique Workships philosophy means that a professional working relationship doesn’t always have to be about handshakes and coffee. Sometimes we prefer high fives and a mocha choccachino – who doesn’t?

We don’t see why having a personality should get in the way of business. To us, it’s one of our businesses biggest assets, and something worth shouting about.

But Workships are about much more than just making work more enjoyable and less, well… worky. Friends do nice things for each other, and we’re always coming up with new ways to look after our friends.

A big part of our Workships programme is introducing our clients to resources, companies, people and opportunities that can help them – whether that’s through networking events, friendlies and introductions, our advisory council or recommendations and referrals. If we can help you make a connection, we will.

Plus we regularly keep everyone up-to-date with workshops, knowledge sharing and training sessions on the latest industry trends, innovations and thinking because we appreciate how important it is to stay in the know.

Sound interesting? Drop us a line on 0114 272 8888. We’d love to tell you more about it.