Top tips for marketing planning

It’s no longer about one big tried and tested strategy that you kick out and your customers lap it up, it just doesn’t work like that anymore.

You need to break your marketing strategy down into smaller plans that you launch, refine and tweak – each stage leading to the next. This gives you the ability to react quickly to events and get things out there faster.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you be more efficient in your marketing planning:

Little plans = light work

Creating lots of smaller sub plans for your big plan will help you be more reactive. It might seem like it’s more work to split each bit out into channel, messaging, resources and contingency, but doing it like this helps you remain focused and on track.

Set objectives

Every one of your sub plans needs an objective. Every piece of marketing you do needs an objective. Each of these needs time scales and measurements – so you can track your success. Give everything you do a purpose and measure the success. If it is not working, tweak it.

Use your competitors as inspiration

This isn’t about copying what your competitors do, but definitely monitor them. Are they entering new channels? How is that working out? Don’t follow them into everything they do; wait, watch and learn. At the same time if one platform is working for a competitor and there is something similar or more you could be doing elsewhere, try it with a small budget. However, you can also learn from your competitors mistakes.

Measure everything

You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to understand that numbers can go up as well as down. Everything you do should have a purpose and that purpose needs to be tied back to your overall objectives and able to be measured, so you can track and prove your successes. Whether it’s traffic to your website or followers on social media, track it weekly – daily if you need to. This will inform you of which parts of your campaign are working and which are not.

Keep it simple

Su- plans can get complicated very quickly. You will soon tie yourself in knots and waste time if you don’t keep everything simple. Focus on which channels and messaging is working best for you. Always think about where you can get more for your marketing spend. Your overall marketing plan should tie all of your sub plans together, to give you a clear and simple view of what is going on.

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