Our commitment to sustainability

At ProCo we are committed to creating a sustainable business for our employees, our customers and the environment.

Corporate social responsibility

We believe in conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth and demonstrates a high degree of social responsibility that meets our own and our customer’s needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

As well as giving us a lovely warm glow inside.

We manage our business with pride and integrity. Our corporate and social policies embed responsible and ethical practices into everything that we do, and this encompasses not only our interaction with our environment, but our people, our community and the wider marketplace too.

The environment

We have a rigorous Environmental Management System (EMS) in place that is accredited to ISO 14001, covering our responsible sourcing, production, manufacture, consumption and disposal of materials.

To us, continual improvement in the development our EMS process also makes smart business practice, ensuring that we are able to reduce the environmental impact of our own business activities, and those of our customers, to improve efficiency, reduce waste and lower operational costs.

We proactively work with businesses of all sizes to help implement strategies for reducing their environmental footprint. By sharing best practices with companies from all industries and educating as many people as possible, we can have a positive impact on both the planet and indeed, your business.

Our accreditations

ProCo are proud to hold ISO9001 Quality Management, IS014001 Environmental Management and ISO27001 Information Security Management Certifications, and we also work closely to ISO12647 Colour Management Standards.

We are FSC accredited. The Forest Stewardship Council label provides us with a powerful link between the responsible production and consumption of forest products, bringing together environmental, social and economic interests in a balanced way to work towards sustainable solutions.

Our employees

Our employees are our most valued asset, and the biggest contributor to ProCo’s ongoing success. Through our open company culture we operate with the help of our You Matter principles; a core set of beliefs that we all live by every day:

  • Be Inspiring. Making a difference by generating new ideas and having the confidence to voice and action them.
  • Continuously Improve. Willing to adapt and develop our skills, always striving for excellence and minimising errors.
  • Take Ownership. Taking full responsibility for our actions and everything we commit to do and deliver – on time, every time.
  • Work Together. Respecting the values and opinions of others in the spirit of teamwork and mutual support.
  • Communicate Openly. Sharing knowledge and ideas openly and constructively.
  • Show Urgency. Being dynamic, productive and focusing on the real issue to get the job done.
  • Be Helpful. Nothing is too much trouble in serving the needs of our customers and our colleagues.
  • Care. Showing passion in everything we do and wearing the ProCo badge with pride.

Our community

We continue to develop community programmes which support our brand values and further promote our recognition as an active contributor to local community development.

Each year we support both local and national charities through the proceeds of events and charitable fundraising, also supporting our employees by enabling them to suggest and fundraise for chosen initiatives that are close to their own hearts. Some of the charities we have helped include The Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Bluebell Wood, Kartforce and The MPS Society. Take a look at our award winning fundraising activity for Macmillan Cancer Care through The Master Cutlers Challenge on our Facebook page.

Our marketplace

We continually use customer benchmarking and evaluate what we do in order to constantly improve our competitive edge in the marketplace.

We are a founding Board member of DSCOOP (Digital Solutions Co-operative), an independent global community focussed on educating and connecting members with each other to improve growth, efficiency and profitability within its 7000+ members worldwide.

We are a proud member and supporting sponsor of the Direct Marketing Association and member of the British Printing Industries Federation.