Westfield Health

Who are Westfield Health?


  • Westfield Health is an award winning, not for profit organisation established in 1919
  • The UK’s largest provider of corporate paid health cash plans
  • Work with over 9,000 companies nationwide, over a third of a million policy holders
  • Provide over 40 health cash plan products


What did we achieve?


  • Reduced production time from up to 8 weeks to a matter of hours
  • 10% saving in wastage through production on demand
  • 100% reduction in artwork costs
  • 100% improvement on fulfilment with zero errors
  • Reduced speed to market of personalised policies to customers from 40 days to 10 days
  • Reduction of enquiries to and impact upon the Customer Service team


Why did Westfield Health need help?


  • To customise communications and documentation to provide more targeted, personalised marketing material to their customers
  • To streamline the print production process; copywriting, formatting, version control, proof reading and sign off
  • To significantly reduce print lead times
  • To improve stock management, obtain greater visibility and eliminate waste


Westfield Health’s marketing department were challenged with reduced budgets, increased accountability and a focus on growing customer acquisition while retaining existing clients. With increasing competitive pressures and changing market and customer requirements, the need to tailor an increasing range of products, types of policies and levels of cover to the more bespoke needs of customers was key.


Previously, a costly, generic 48 page document was sent to each policy holder containing information on all products and all types and level of cover, and it was difficult for the customer to extract the information relating specifically to them.

A very lengthy procedure for administering new policy literature (up to 8 weeks) also existed, with all copy, artwork and imagery amended manually to each document to fit the requirements of each separate customer organisation.


There were many tiers of approval for the documentation to go through resulting in a highly complex overall process, a difficult audit trail for compliance purposes and margin for error, all of which impacted on the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing team and proved difficult to demonstrate ROI.


How did we do it?


  • Creation of an innovative document and asset management platform which provides the ability to personalise by name and specific, detailed content, each individual policy document to their customers unique requirements
  • Population of dynamic areas of the document to feature upgrade cover available for employees and partners
  • Enabled the delivery of bespoke plans with a standardised print process


“The solution has streamlined and automated the whole process of building our customers policy documents, making them highly relevant and personalised to suit each individual customer. The project has not only seen us save money in terms of time and wastage, but enabled us to offer something far more valuable to our customers.”