Live testing at DFS Edinburgh

Earlier this year, DFS converted the warehouse at its Edinburgh store to create a 25,000 square foot superstore, to trial new strategic initiatives for its Dwell and Sofa Workshop brands, driven by customer insight and new product development.

The site will measure the response to the integration of Dwell and Beds & Dining, with a Sofa Workshop store located right next door. Creating a ‘live’ test-environment will give the DFS marketing team new insight into customer behaviour and valuable data on what works, which can be rolled out across store formats nationwide.

DFS’ in-store agency, True Story, led the creative approach to deliver their brand truths in a consistent and more permanent way across the store – including exterior key messages and maximising the impact of promotional messaging, using cut vinyl lettering and
campaign window posters.

In terms of interior development, DFS wanted a clean and consistent approach to POS, one that could be refreshed quickly and easily, and limited the need for lengthy, specialist installs. Using new freestanding wooden units with easily interchangeable magnetic graphics for
product bays, the team hit the brief brilliantly, incorporating light boxes and beautiful tension frame fabric graphics. Using high quality materials, and precise production and installation techniques, the Dwell and Beds & Dining ranges in Edinburgh echo the care and craftsmanship that goes into each product. You can view some of the images of the DFS superstore here!

And incorporating high-impact brand messaging into the concept reinforces customer purchase decisions, and supports brand engagement – contributing to an improved customer experience and proof of concept for the Edinburgh test site.

Take a virtual tour of the DFS Edinburgh store now!

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