Who are The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development?


  • The CIPD has been established for over 100 years
  • The professional body for HR and people development
  • Over 130,000 members internationally working in HR, learning and development, people management and consulting


The CIPD equips its members with resources and connections to progress their careers, a large proportion of which happens through a number of exhibitions, conferences and networking events, at both a local and national level.


With an already forward thinking approach to data and segmentation, CIPD needed to drive maximum footfall, relevance and engagement in all communications to their members surrounding their programme of events to ensure maximum uptake.


What did we achieve?


  • The production of highly personalised communications for the annual Learning and Development conference and exhibition
  • Highly segmented data, built around sector and role specific personas across all membership types identifies relevant seminars and content that individually tailors each unique mailing piece
  • Annual mailing of a detailed renewals questionnaire to every CIPD member, the results of which inform the focus, content and creative for ongoing marketing activity for the subsequent year
  • Ongoing data capture from every mailing to ensure that the data remains as accurate and up to date as possible


Why did CIPD need help?


  • To drive increased footfall to conferences, exhibitions and learning events
  • To deliver and demonstrate relevance and real value to large membership base
  • To ensure and maintain high standards of data accuracy for highly personalised and targeted marketing communications


How did we do it?


  • A series of highly personalised, individually tailored customer communications to increase attendance at CIPD events and add value to subscribing members
  • Identify and highlight specific aspects at the events – education and topics – that are most relevant to each individual recipient based on the data; job title, function, previous interests and attendance