One love…

Most professional musicians play more than one instrument. But can they play more than one instrument at the same time? More specifically, can they play three ukuleles, an organ, a snare drum, a tambourine, a keyboard, a harmonica, and a bass guitar all at once? Because this guy can.

I hadn’t seen this video when I first heard the music. The guitarist does an amazing job of making the smooth reggae sound come together. Just listening to it, you would never imagine the amount of effort, hard work and concentration that you see when you watch the video. He’s playing bass with his feet for goodness sake!

It’s often the same in business and in our world of marketing operations. People think that their marketing function is working smoothly because activity is going out but when they look under the surface, they realise that there is a lot of juggling going on and that it’s not nearly as effective or efficient as it first seemed. They end up banging their head against the direct mail response rates and conducting the data ‘base’ with their feet!

Being a one man band is tough but you don’t want to suddenly bring in an orchestra because that’s a whole different and costly gig. With the right equipment however, you could record each instrument in turn and digitally overlay the tracks to create the same amazing outcome to listen to time and time again. Whilst it might not make for a very entertaining You Tube video, it would still make you a very talented musician and with probably a lot less stress.

As the musician writes in the video description: “Making this was by far the hardest thing I have ever done musically. My brain hurts. One love!”

Jon Bailey – MD ProCo – 19th May 2015

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