There is only one boss…

…and he can fire everybody!

As Sam Walton, founder of Walmart said,

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”

In our industry, it’s essential to keep evolving and changing and we are always looking at how to add new and exciting products and services within our organisation. What can we do that will give us an edge?

So although we are all very busy with our day to day responsibilities here at ProCo, and we are all very aware that time is money, earlier this week we made the time to meet, discuss, and throw about some ideas for a refined mix of services. After a lot of brain sweat, we came out with what we thought was a fantastic evolution of our proposition. Additional functionality, a strong proposition, and an action plan with defined lines of responsibilities. Perfect. We all left with a feeling of contentment that it was time well spent and got started with our certain areas.

Later in the week, I asked if I could join a review meeting with an existing client. On the agenda was an update of ‘What’s new’ in the world of ProCo. Excitedly, I decided to tell them all about our new plans. And I’m glad I did. It was undoubtedly the most valuable 4 hours of the week. When I got back to the office I explained why.

Earlier in the week we had forgotten the most important thing, we had forgotten to sanity check what we thought was a great idea with the only boss that matters – the customer. We had received a completely different perspective and view on our plans, highlighting some great areas and some areas of confusion. Somethings that would work and add value, and somethings that clearly wouldn’t. As a team, we will be meeting again next week to share the feedback and from now on, we will be making sure we meet with at least 3 clients to get their perspective on our thoughts before we start changing our proposition.

Jon Bailey, MD

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