Oh, c*ck!

This week, as the saga of the worlds’ favourite TV show continues, James May has revealed how he had ordered himself a new £200,000 Ferrari to celebrate his new contract on ‘Top Gear’. Apparently, May had put the order in for the 458 Speciale, ahead of his contract being renewed for another three years.

“There were a few details to resolve about time frames and other mundane stuff, but the groaning draft version of this document was actually sitting on my desk” stated May.

With the big salary, he had hoped to buy the car, despite the reservations of his partner but she eventually agreed and he made the purchase…all of this just before the Jeremy Clarkson fracas saw the show effectively axed.

I’m sure there are a lot of people having a good laugh at this but to do so may mean you have missed the point.

We can all recount a time when we have been excited about a bonus from work, a windfall from a relative or even the news that your house has increased in value. All sense can go out the window and the money we are due to receive is spent before it’s even in the bank!

And it’s the same in business. Often we get excited with a new opportunity, the latest win, the savings we could achieve, or the increased return we have seen on a forecast and celebrate before the project is actually fulfilled to its initial promise. There are lots of new technologies and new ideas hitting us from every angle that offer us so much but yet fail to deliver, but when you are emotionally connected to the possible result you have been shown, the detail is often forgotten about.

The same is true in our world of marketing operations. Offering your customers the right environment, with the right solution, with expectations of a good result, can be good enough to get them to buy into your company but by backing that up with the detail and a guarantee to make sure it actually delivers to expectations is a much better way for them to avoid having an expensive toy parked on their server!

As for James May…

“It had all gone. All, that is, except the order for a 458 Speciale lodged in Ferrari’s factory system, with only the final details to be confirmed. Oh c**k, as I used to say when I was on telly,” he wrote.

Jon Bailey MD ProCo – 5th May 2015

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