Say Hello to the HP Indigo 10000

Exciting News – ProCo have a new arrival!

ProCo have signed and sealed the deal on an HP Indigo 10000 at this year’s DSCOOP in Dublin causing excitement in the industry, in the business and within our clients on social media when the announcement was made mid-afternoon Friday 5th June.

“We are delighted to have been able to bring the 10000 into our portfolio. We are now be able to offer a Digital capacity across the group that is world leading” said Jon Bailey, MD.

ProCo have been considering purchasing the B2 digital press for some time. As with any investment of this size we wanted to make sure it was sustainable for the business before an investment was made. Having researched the technology and following the release of some platform improvements that have demonstrated a big increase in stability and quality, the timing was now right and it seemed the perfect opportunity to purchase the HP Indigo 10000 at this year’s DSCOOP in Dublin.

The 75cm format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press produces virtually any commercial job – with Indigo quality, substrate versatility, and production flexibility. This robust press is an easy fit for offset print service providers, printing large volumes of high-value pages and a wide variety of applications.

“There are now no limits to creativity” Jon explained “Our clients can enjoy all of the creative quality of the indigo technology, the flexibility of the substrate, and the power of the personalisation without any compromise on the size of the finished job”.

The arrival of the HP Indigo 10000 opens up a whole new world of possibilities for our customers.