ProCo grows large format department with £400k investment

Last week we became the first Agfa customer in the world to install the new Agfa Jeti Tauro H2500 LED as part of a £400k investment in our large format capability.

The wider upgrade also includes an Agfa Anapurna RTR3200i, Crest BSC3200 X-Y cutting system, Cronos Ultimate sewing station and a Bobis roller application table.

The addition of the new Anapurna and the Tauro will increase production speed and mean greater flexibility of substrates for our customers, particularly given the Tauro’s ability to use primer to aid ink adherence and its night and day multilayer print capability.

The combination of the Tauro and the Anapurna allows us to maintain our ability to deliver high-quality production direct to rigid media as well as roll to roll at higher speeds. The Anapurna means we can run production unattended to maximise efficiency and capacity by using multiple rolls simultaneously.

Our large format Manager, Carl Jackson, said: “Being the first to install the Tauro is really exciting. The new capabilities it will give ProCo mean that we can offer our customers an even stronger mix of services coupled with quicker production speeds. Agfa’s engines give us the ability to meet our customers’ growing demands for more complex products, all at the fantastic quality we’re known for.”

Bobby Grauf, Inkjet Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Agfa, said: “Having worked with ProCo for almost 20 years, we’re thrilled that they’ve received the first UK install of the Tauro. It’s a huge milestone in our partnership, and one that we are convinced will help shape future growth for the business. We love working with the team at ProCo, whether it’s CTP, prepress or large format – their commitment to driving innovation, technology and development is exemplary and we’re so pleased to be part of it.”

We carefully considered the additional finishing kit to complement the Agfa engines. Sourced and commissioned through Atech, the Crest BSC3200 cutting system will allow off roll straight trim jobs to be finished quicker, leaving our Elitron CAD cutter (also the UK’s first table with conveyor and roll off table, which we acquired 2 years ago) to handle more complex cut-to-shape work.

The Cronos sewing station gives us increased capacity to deal with fabric applications, in particular to offer silicone edged stretch frame graphic solutions in-house, keeping pace with increased demand from customers. The Bobis table will increase efficiency when it comes to mounting vinyl and laminates to rigid substrates.

Allan Ashman, Managing Director at Atech, said: “The last two years have seen us set the foundations of a brilliant working relationship with ProCo. We’re proud to have been involved in their large format operation from the start and to have been asked to support this latest kit upgrade. We know the Crest, Cronos and Bobis installations will provide a great platform for future growth, and we’re already looking at complementary options for the future too.”

Carl said: “Atech is definitely our go-to for finishing kit. We know we can rely on them for great advice and they’re really clued into what we’re trying to achieve. The new kit we’ve installed is testament to that and will support our aim to grow ProCo’s large format department and the solutions we can provide for our customers.”

The full investment is part of a strategic move to further stabilise our position in the market – building capability in large format to support our retail marketing operations offering and adding strength to our general commercial print delivery.

Jon Bailey, our CEO, said: “At ProCo it’s all about our customers – their requirements are becoming more complex as they look for even more innovative solutions to maximise impact and engagement with their customers.

“We’re always looking to develop ourselves and our offering to ensure we meet client demands and the investment we’re making in our large format department is helping us to do exactly that. Both to ensure we’re geared up to deliver the right solutions and to be able to progress and grow the business for our people too.”

If you fancy popping round to check out our new-look large format department and see what we can do for you, give us a call on 0114 272 8888. We’ll get the kettle on.