Laura celebrates Print Futures Award win

We’re super proud of ProCo’s production assistant, Laura Lindley, who’s just bagged herself funding for a training course courtesy of the Printing Charity’s Print Futures Awards!

Our CEO, Jon Bailey, shared information about the awards with the whole business and Laura, who has continuously shown her ability to step up and take on the challenges she faces in her day to day role at ProCo, decided to put in an application.

The Print Futures Awards help young people aged 18 to 30 to gain qualifications and improve their workplace skills, as well as helping the industry to attract and retain talent.

The first stage was a 300-word rationale for why Laura should be given the money to pay for a Digital Artworking course that Laura’s had her eye on with the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF). She also had to give 50 words about herself and her interests outside of work. And while 350 words might not sound like a lot, it’s not an easy thing to do!

Laura’s application got her through to the shortlist, and the next round was a panel interview with the award judges. Laura says, “The interview was tough going, and the panel really put me through my paces. Luckily, I’d done some coaching with Jon so I had a rough idea of what to expect and I made sure I knew my stuff!”

Just the next evening, Laura took the call to say she’d wowed the judges and had been successful in securing the funding she wanted. Brilliant news for a Friday night! She was also invited to an awards ceremony at the House of Lords on 20 July, where she and all the other winners would be recognised for their efforts.

Laura said, “It was great to go to the House of Lords, what a brilliant venue! And it was good to meet all the other winners too and hear about what they were doing with their awards. I feel like I’ve made some good contacts, and it’s given me the opportunity to widen my network within the industry. I absolutely loved it!”

Now she’s recovered from the awards do, Laura’s already made inroads with the BPIF to get her course started, which is a work-based learning course that will last for the next 12 to 18 months. Laura’s thrilled that she gets to use her production knowledge in new ways, and that her course will help her to broaden her opportunities for the future.

Jon says, “I’m so proud of Laura, and know she’ll do really well with her course. Continuous learning is really important at ProCo, and if we support our people to pursue the things they’re interested in, ultimately it will help us to create a more engaged workforce with an even stronger skillset.

Laura’s done a brilliant job in getting herself through this process, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll achieve when she completes her course.”

And it’s not just Jon. We’re all really proud of our Laura, and we wish her all the best with her course. Well done!!

Image from the Print Futures Awards ceremony

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