Joint anyone?

There’s no such thing as bad feedback. Well that’s what we believe at ProCo anyway. Sometimes however, you can make a decision to say or do something without really thinking about why you’re doing it.

Take a look…

That’s why, even though we ask all year round, we also like to do our annual customer survey, just to make sure we are giving our clients what they want. This week on the Parkway we have been gathering and analysing this year’s results. As always, we’ve had a great response and we always go through the completed questionnaires one at a time, line by line to understand exactly what we are doing right, what we need to do less of, and where we need to improve.

Every year, there are always comments and results that surprise and delight me, but also ones that make me question some of our decisions. This is good. It’s exactly what we need to do. In fact, we love the comments we get as they help us to continue to develop our business the right way year after year.

One question we asked was whether you would recommend ProCo to others.

Our survey says…100% would

Pass it on!

Jon Bailey MD ProCo – 12th June 2015

If you missed our annual survey and would like to share some customer feedback with us, give us a ring on 0114 272 8888, we’d love to hear from you.