Interactive Experiences with Touch Creative

Experience is Everything


Touch Creative is a creative healthcare agency providing interactive experiences that are memorable, and help customers engage with brands in a variety of settings.

Recently, Touch have launched Touch Lab, a space within their Bishop’s Stortford base to build, prototype and play with new technologies – ensuring they can create the right approach for their clients. With a significant client base in the pharmaceuticals sector, Touch wanted to bring modern interactive experiences explored within other industries into the pharmaceutical world. Touch Lab aims to break the mould when it comes to conveying important, and sometimes difficult, messages in an engaging and immersive way.

‘Engage’ is a key word for Touch. “We’re all kids at heart”, says James, Creative Lead at Touch, “and we’re all interested when we see something new and exciting for the first time, Bringing new technology-based experiences to our customers is something that can therefore add real engagement value. We’d always talked about building the interactive side of Touch, and offering content-led digital engagement alongside all of our other services, and now here we are.”

However, if you ever think you can just bypass the process with with fancy tech alone, be aware that content is still king and invariably drives the platform with everything going on at Touch Lab. And this is key with any of the ideas that Touch have across their service offerings – whether that’s developing the next big thing in Touch Lab, or supporting a customer with their digital marketing strategy. What’s important is that any technology used is grounded in a good story – that the message and channel remain right for the target audience. It’s about striking a balance – the more technology you add into an application, the more barriers you create. So it needs to be simple and true to the message, with the audience always front of mind.

Touch Lab is an ever-changing space, with application examples, prototypes and campaign samples – giving clients and potential clients a chance to engage with ideas and understand how they could benefit from the solutions Touch can provide.


Earlier this year, Touch developed a piece of kit for an MIT alumni event. Touch’s MIT Wall uses a combination of illustration, projection, infrared sensors and sound effects to represent 20 MIT innovations – triggering as users come near the display. Using short throw projection technology allows close contact with the content, without casting shadows and interference with the message. Each innovation illuminates or moves as a visitor walks by or engages with the piece.

View the touch MIT wall video here:

This allows for a multi-user experience, which will promote collaboration between visitors as opposed to individual experiences like you’d get with virtual reality, which can be isolating.


The biggest take up of this kind of display has been in point of sale – with retail, service industries and restaurants leading the charge. Things like interactive shop windows where it’s possible to order online just by interacting with a display, or fitting room mirrors which offer alternative lighting options and the ability to call for additional sizes. But Touch are moving into exhibitions too, where brands can offer visitors a more tactile way to interact with their product offering.


“The MIT Wall has been a great platform for us to kick off some new projects with other clients – we’ve definitely seen an uplift in people wanting to get to grips with a more immersive experience. In the space we operate in, from a healthcare perspective, we’re pretty unique too. We’re not seeing anyone else in this environment doing what we do at the moment.

We see Touch as bridging the gap between the digital and the physical – creating more engaging experiences through messaging that can entertain.”

James, Creative Lead, Touch Creative.


Offering such a wide variety of services in house makes for a more cohesive approach too – it gives the Touch team much greater control, keeping a much closer eye on the brief than would be possible if passing projects between data agencies, engineers and specialist creatives. And that means the entire project stays closer to the customer too.


In terms of future impact, Touch believes this type of technology will pave the way for more hands-on, sensory-based experiences in the advertising world, more visual marketing and opportunities for people to get involved. But it all needs to be part of a wider marketing strategy, focused clearly on the customer and the message. With all this working together, making the message ‘stick’ is where the true value it.

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