Personalisation – it’s more than just a name

Right now, the opportunity has never been greater for marketers to get smarter with personalisation in terms of how customer data is collected and used, and how campaigns are planned and executed, to create richer and more relevant experiences across all channels.

The traditional notion of personalisation as jolly welcomes by name has evolved into a very powerful individualised approach, if done right. But where to start?

These days, it’s all about the data.

In order to provide marketing that is meaningful and valuable to customers, you must first be able to answer the question; who is my customer? An overall picture is clearly important, but for a truly individual approach, marketers must be able to gain and action knowledge about each individual customer. Given the scope of information available on their consumers, this is certainly within reach for brands wishing to up their game.

Analytics and technology can help to leverage campaign information so that marketers can collect data to help them understand how customers are responding. Small, simple steps are the right place to start, for example what devices are customers using, what information have they found important and shared and what resulting action has the customer taken, i.e. signed up for an event, made a purchase or visited a store etc.

Avoid the pitfall with data of trying to examine every bit that is available. That’s when things start to get really overwhelming. A recent article by Smartfocus sums this up perfectly:

“Start by deciding what insights will allow you to create enticing, targeted and relevant messaging that anticipates your customer’s next action and elicit the desired response. For example, who is opening your emails as opposed to responding to direct mail, and what are they doing next? Are they engaging on a pc or tablet during work hours or on the go on a mobile device? What information can you glean about their response to previous promotions and purchase history. You’ll then start to see how you can weave the messaging throughout your entire customer journey in a much more insightful and targeted way.”

Relevance comes as standard

There can sometimes be a difference in what marketers think their customers want and what their customers actually want. Avoid getting caught up in the latest, hottest industry trend, rather than taking the time to assess what your customers are actually doing so you can deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time and in the right format.

The amount of time we have to make a good impression is getting shorter and shorter, so understanding how consumers want to digest and receive marketing is becoming increasingly essential. That over-stretched budget of yours will be thankful too. Marketers must understand how customers prefer to receive their marketing and plan personal, more engaging campaign experiences that deliver relevance through each individual channel; establishing techniques that will help to facilitate a more one-to-one approach are different across print, online and social.

Do you know what is required across each channel? Need some advice on where to start? Get in touch.