How to combat the burden of administration

Another lunchtime skipped and you get that slight sense of panic (or is it hunger?) as you stare at the clock and wonder where the morning has gone.

Why does it constantly feel like an uphill struggle? You haven’t stopped all morning, yet you can’t actually put your finger on exactly what you have achieved.

You’re not alone.

You are one of many marketers drowning under the tidal surge of administration that seems to accompany many a marketing project in today’s multi-channel, multi-message, multi-campaign, multi-everything-world! If only you could raise your head from the day to day pressures of chasing campaigns, projects and suppliers to concentrate on the next big idea, to get the bigger picture, to uncover the big ROI.

Let’s be honest, marketing has always entailed a lot of admin; it’s the nature of the beast. But nowadays it’s on a whole new level and it’s sapping every ounce of creativity out of you, taking up the biggest proportion of your time and slowly turning you into a very expensive administrative resource.

This isn’t what you signed up for.

So how on earth do you make changes to the processes so you can get out of the drudgery, and the office?

Take control

The control freak inside you is going to shudder when you read the next two words…automated workflow. But hold on! You’re still in control.

Automating your workflow will help you to become more efficient and know what’s going on, without wondering what folder you filed that logo or piece of artwork in, where that email went and exactly who you are waiting for approval from next. Think of it less as loss of control – more, the most efficient way of controlling both execution and the results of each of your increasing projects and campaigns.

Allowing people to communicate more effectively, being able to see who is at what stage in the process and what is left to be done will mean sign off will seem… well, seamless. Compliance is taken care of because everyone is ticking the boxes in the right order. And you are happy because you know where everything is and can provide the reports that are needed at the click of a button.

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It isn’t! An automated workflow will allow you get on with what you signed up for. (That’s marketing, just in-case you had forgotten.)

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