Ich Bin Ein Nerd!

The other day, a techie colleague posted a joke on Facebook that went like this:

A programmer is sent to the grocery store with instructions to “buy butter and see whether they have eggs. If they do, then buy 10.”

Returning with 10 butters, the programmer says, “they had eggs.”

A year or two ago I wouldn’t have got this, but thanks to the time I’ve spent with the ProCo techies I had a chuckle, congratulated myself for understanding and even posted a comment on Facebook to that effect.

Does this make me a Nerd? I think it does. And that’s amazing because, for one, everybody knows nerds are in fact totally cool. But also, as Jen Barber said, ‘I am your conduit!’

Developers are obviously real people (well, kind of), who speak English (well, most of the time), but it is very easy for language used by ‘normal’ people to be misinterpreted. So having someone who can take a client’s ‘shopping list’ and interpret that for the developers is a big help all round.

By understanding tech speak I am able to help our team deliver the results our customers really need, enabling them to manage orders, campaigns and web-based print activities much more efficiently and effectively. Not to mention providing them with highly valuable management information that can help improve their services at every level – which is really what it’s all about.

And that is why I am proud to call myself a nerd!

Even if I don’t know how to write code, I would still know not to give a programmer the instructions in the joke, because I would expect to end up with some serious butter overload.

Sarah Redding, Technical Services Project Co-ordinator (and self-confessed Nerd)