Field testing HP PrintOS

HP made the most of their extra day in February this year by announcing the launch of their new cloud based operating system HP PrintOS. This revolutionary new platform will make its debut at the world’s largest printing equipment exhibition drupa 2016.

In June last year HP approached us and asked if we would be interested in taking part in a field test for their new platform. Being a forward thinking company who are always keen to try the latest innovations and improve efficiency for ourselves and our customers, we of course said yes.

The testing phase began from October 2015 until June 2016. During this time we tested the platform in a live environment and reported back to HP on a bi-monthly basis to give our feedback and advice to help them resolve any issues and make improvements. In return HP provided us with a report specific to each press and to ProCo as a whole, which amongst other information gave us benchmarks on both impressions and sheets, the latter being something we fed back to HP as a useful metric to have. Following a successful test phase we have seen the benefits and efficiencies HP PrintOS gives us and we are now utilising the platform in our press room and at our Stansted site.

The platform gives us a portal into live production, we have a better indication of output and keeping maintenance up to date is easier as we can see the status of each press at any time. We can log into Print Beat – the web based reporting dashboard – at any time, and anywhere using the PrintOS app. We have of course always tracked and monitored our performance closely, but Print Beat brings us a new level of detail and the figures are presented to us rather than us having to find and collate them into a report, which means we can focus on the really important stuff that we love, print. We can also access a wealth of resource to find information on, for example, certification for substrates for applications and presses. This information was always there but not in a single resource. Previously we would need to speak to HP and paper suppliers to find this information so it helps to have an extensive resource at our finger tips to find the answers to any questions we may have. And if we can’t find what we’re looking for in the resources we can ask questions and get feedback.

Using HP’s new platform has enabled us to increase performance by giving us a global overview of all our presses across both sites and we can compare ourselves to the wider HP community.

With the increase in visibility the platform helps us look after our investment by running our presses to the very best of their capabilities.


“We love working with ProCo when developing new applications because they get it! They are always looking at new ways to use our tools and to add value to their business at the same time. Thanks to the ProCo team’s partnership and willingness to explore new ideas and provide professional and candid feedback, HP customers will be able to use PrintOS to continuously improve their operations”

Anat Kanner-Kalka, Product Manager, HP Strategic Marketing


Our staff are really engaged and with the new reports and benchmarking we are seeing some healthy competition between the two sites. We also have better connectivity and cross training – this all helps to make us feel more supported and connected between our two sites, and with HP too.


We’re delighted to have been part of the testing phase for this new and exciting technology and we’re delighted with the outcome for our own business.


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