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How to have the happiest organisation on earth

Doug Lipp was also an inspiration, especially as he shared some insight into how to create magic within an organisation, which is something that ProCo is about. We pride ourselves in creating magic for our customers, and this can only come from our staff, it’s part of our culture and key message. But just like any relationship, it’s important to know how to keep that magic alive, so listening to what Lipp had to say was very rewarding. Lipp is the former head of the Disney University Corporate Headquarters training department so when it comes to creating magic, he knows what he’s talking about. Lipp shared his knowledge and experience in leadership and training and discussed how to create a ‘culture of significance’ within an organisation that leads to engaged and loyal staff that always deliver.

And this is what creates the magic. Lipp says “Having a culture of significance starts at the top of an organisation … it starts with owners and leaders that care about their employees at a technical level so they provide training and opportunities for them, but also care about their staff on a personal level.” This is something we understand at ProCo and try to instil as part of our culture through our ‘You Matter’ programme. The You Matter programme is how we communicate with our staff, listen to what they have to say, and praise and reward them. We’re in the process of relaunching our programme to our staff so it was great to gain some insight from Doug Lipp who is a leading authority in this area. And nobody can deny that Disney is the best of the best when it comes to creating magic.


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Inspiration leads to innovation

With all this inspiration, it certainly gave me plenty of food for thought on the long flight home. And, it helped to confirm in my mind that as a company we’re heading in the right direction. We’ve been making a lot of changes recently and this event helped clarify that they’re the right changes. Our focus has always been on collaboration. Collaboration between our people and our teams to ensure we work as efficiently as possible and make it better printed, between us and our suppliers to ensure we can offer the best possible products and services for our customers, and between us and our customers to make their marketing work wonders. But recently we have expanded on this to emphasise the power of collaboration.

‘You Matter’ is all about creating an environment that reminds our people how they fit into the organisation and visualises their goals and achievements. It showcases the great work we do, and allows us to recognise each other for the contribution we all make. We’ve relaunched our You Matter programme to emphasise the importance of our company culture – which is grounded in our commitment to learning and continuous improvement.

And of course, we’ve also recently launched ProCo SPARK – our digital innovation centre – which is all about bringing people together to learn together, innovate, build relationships and create a lifelong bond like the ones I’ve developed through being part of communities like Dscoop. By providing an environment that generates excitement and inspires, giving people the chance to develop their skills together, we can create a new community of the next generation of print and marketing leaders.

Jon Bailey, ProCo CEO and Dscoop EMEA founding member, March 2017


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