Cost-effective recruitment…

…and maintaining a team of engaged, motivated and talented superstars!

For a long time now it’s been very clear to me (and the rest of the business) that when creating a team, it’s essential to have a robust talent acquisition and induction process. We have had one in place for the last 5 years which may be one reason why our people are seen as our strongest asset by the business and customers alike.

A few months ago however, I realised that as the business grows, when new people join the team they are joining a different business, at a different stage in its evolution, with an evolved culture, than the people who have joined throughout the 21 years before. An induction process that worked 5 years ago clearly can’t have the same impact now.

This week, I put my new induction to the test, aligning our Ambitious Purpose, Mission & Values along with our cultural beliefs, our accountability expectations and our team ethos, clearly showing what, in our world, makes (and breaks!) a ProCo superstar!

I presented our new induction to a cross section of the team. Some long standing members, some newer recruits, some fellow directors and some young apprentices.

The feedback was grounding. I had expected the new recruits to agree that it was a lot more valuable to them and allowed them to see with more clarity what we stood for, where we had come from, and what was expected. What I hadn’t seen coming was that it was the employees who had been there the longest who actually felt it was more valuable to them! They said they learnt new things, could see the critical importance of innovation and change, felt valued and proud, motivated to keep improving, and committed to the journey. They all recommended that every employee gets an updated induction every year.

It highlighted to me that if you are to keep innovating and growing you need to keep everybody inducted in the new world you are in on a regular basis to get the best out of the whole company. But, more importantly, just think, it will be like having a new team of engaged, motivated and talented superstars throughout the whole business all the time. That’s a very cost effective recruitment policy.

Jon Bailey, MD

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