Breaking your routine…

Is it really worth 4 days out of the office?

Why is it that we always question the value of our activity when it’s outside of our usual routine? We never seem to question sitting in the office. Nobody ever says “Is it worth you doing that?” when you’re pricing a job up or attending a board meeting do they? I don’t like routine. It makes me sit and spend time reacting to unnecessary emails but, more importantly, it stops me getting out there and meeting new people, and potential new customers!

So last week, I made a conscious effort to break routine.

Breaking with routine over the last few weeks has led me to meeting some amazing new people and uncovering some fantastic new ideas and potential applications. Firstly I visited Dscoop X in Washington…4 days and 2,500 people – all there to share information and learn new things. I had a very busy schedule of Education sessions, meetings, Keynote speakers, presentations, old friends and new contacts. It was exactly how I want our business to be – plenty of ideas, amazing discussions, full of knowledge and education, very effective and delivering amazing ROI for partners and attendees.

I then had the pleasure of meeting a board of directors who wanted to listen to how ProCo has developed its accountable, empowering and dynamic culture. Not something I do every day and certainly outside of my routine. And of course, I questioned the return. Is it really worth my time spending 5 hours locked in a room with people who are not going to buy any of my products and services?

Not only did it remind me that at ProCo, we have a fantastic place to work and a team to work with but I came away with some really great ideas of how to make it an even better place to work which will be implemented today!

Did breaking my routine achieve more than sitting on my PC? I think I’ll break my routine every week.

Jon Bailey, MD


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