A match made in heaven…

Apparently Rome wasn’t built in a day. Well, maybe not and sure, putting together not just somewhere to live, but a whole supporting infrastructure can take a while. But I bet those early architects had a pretty good idea right from the start what they wanted to build, how it was going to look, what it would provide and also, I’ll wager, what its legacy might be!

It’s hard to believe that it’s well over two years since Concept Communications Group started its journey with ProCo, a journey that reached a key ‘staging post’ a month or so ago when ProCo took full ownership of CCG and the two businesses effectively became one.

The path to that final full integration was not one without direction – there was a proper, fully detailed, 1:25000 Ordinance Survey map that included a legend of all the important issues we had to deal with in order to make the marriage of the two businesses as successful as it has been.

Bringing together two businesses is never easy. Cultures, working practices, management structures are hard enough to merge and integrate, but throw in potentially conflicting IT systems, premises and kit mismatches and it can almost be a deal breaker.

However, whether by fluke or good judgement, many of those potential hurdles were either easily overcome, or simply didn’t exist in the first place. The initial chemistry between Jon Bailey and myself immediately felt right. The mutual recognition that we both had two very similar businesses, culturally and in terms of what we wanted to achieve and deliver to customers, was probably the reason we put this hugely successful collaboration together in the first place. I suppose we had a ‘sixth sense’ it was the right thing to do, as well as a real desire and passion to make it work.

But I think the secret of the successful integration was that things weren’t rushed. Sure, we had an overall plan, targets and milestones to meet, but we allowed the two businesses to coalesce naturally and at their own pace. Getting the two teams on board from top to bottom, ensuring that the headline goal messages were consistent and unwavering, as well as integrating and involving everyone whenever possible, were probably also key drivers of success.

Both businesses also recognised that there were opportunities to learn from each other and draw together our combined knowledge and put it to greater use for the benefit of the only people that really matter – our customers. As a result, everyone involved on this journey has truly benefitted from a genuine willingness to listen and learn. Which, probably not by coincidence, is exactly how we look to deliver value to our customers. Real collaboration – hearing what we are being told and using that information to add value.

We are only a month or so in but the structure we now have in place, and a real desire on the part of everyone involved to make magic happen, means that our ‘Rome’ is well and truly established, although of course not fully built. Because there’s always room for further developments…!

Giles Bowes, Managing Director, 8th August 2016

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